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These products are some of the best for treating Andropause. Check what interests you.

 ginkgo biloba
 ginseng (Panax)
 muira puama
 SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine)
 vitamin A

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An Overview from Sharon Montes, M.D.

There are a number of changes that we perceive in ourselves as we age. These can both be positive and negative. On one hand we may be reaching the pinnacle of our careers and our family life, but on the other.... more

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Help your Andropause through what you eat
Check out our Food Remedies for this condition, or jump straight to one of our Mega-Recipes for Andropause.

Mega Recipes
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Flavorful Foods Pack a Selenium Wallop
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Keep up on cutting-edge research about Andropause
We'll give you important details on recent scientific findings and explain how they may directly affect your health.

DHEA: The Promise of Youth
Whole Grains Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
DHEA: May Improve Sexual and Mental Health

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