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Vegetables on the Grill

A happy collaboration of man and nature

Nature happily grows a whole spectrum of flavors and textures in the vegetable world. Man (especially of the male persuasion) happily stands in front of the grill to cook food. So put the nature's vegetables together with Man's grill, and you have delicious summertime eating. For a delicious grilled side dish, try our Grilled Vegetables with Ginger-Lime Marinade or Lemon-Tarragon Grilled Corn. Or go for the earthy flavors of Potato, Mushroom & Fennel Kebabs served with a creamy, garlicky sauce. You can also grill vegetables and turn them into a salad: Try our Grilled Asparagus & Peppers with Orange-Balsamic Dressing. Or grill vegetables and layer them in toasted Italian bread with cheese in Grilled Squash, Onion & Mozzarella Sandwiches.

Date Published: 8/15/2002
Date Reviewed: 8/6/2008


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