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10 Great Uses For: Carrot Juice
Beautiful Bananas
Chipotle Peppers
Cobblers, Crisps & Crumbles
Cooking en Papillote
Cooking with Fresh Herbs
Currying Flavor
Dealing with Leftover Turkey
Dining Al Fresco
Doling Out the Bromelain
Duck on the Grill
Fat-Free Salad Dressings
Father's Day
Flavorful Foods Pack a Selenium Wallop
Flour Tortillas
Fresh from the Market: Rhubarb
Fresh from the Market: Strawberries
Happy Mother's Day
Health Nuts
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Hearty Barley Soups
Homemade Barbecue Sauces
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It Ain't Just Calcium
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Just a Bowl of Cherries
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Late Spring Pies
Lemon Curd
Make Your Own: Pancake Mixes
Mashed Potatoes
Meaty Mushrooms
Mexican Menus
Mother Knows Best
Not the Same Old Potato Salad
Nuts About Crusts
Pilafs on Parade
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Pleasing Pumpkin
Recipe Basics: Applesauce
Rice is Nice...
Savory Pancakes
Shiitake Mushrooms
Summer Salads
Sunday Brunch
The Spice Is Right: Cinnamon
Trans Fatty Acids: What they are and why you should care.
Vegetarian Main Dishes
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Wacky Ingredients: Burdock
Where's the Beef?
Winter Vegetables

An Apple a Day May Keep Cancer Away
Autumn's Antioxidant Bounty
Brain Power Starts in the Womb
Calcium-Powered Bones and More
Can Foods Actually Reverse Aging?
Cancer-Fighting Berries
Cancer-Fighting Lycopene
Chocolate Lovers Rejoice!
Cinnamon Power
Eat Your Apples, Onions & Grapefruit
Filtering the Facts on Water
Genetically Modified Foods
Healing Meals, the Asian Way
Lutein & Zeaxanthin
Men's Diet Scorecard
Not For Your Eyes Only
Pomegranate Power
The Beneficial Bacteria
The Key to the Mediterranean Diet
The Magic of Shiitake Mushrooms
The Many Layered Benefits of Onions
The Phantom Fat
The Recent Fiber Studies
The Yin and Yang of Chinese Cooking
Viagra & Cranberry Juice
Why Women (and Men) Need Phytoestrogens

Beaded Pie Chain
Blood Orange Olive Oil
Flaxseed Mill
Gardening for Dummies Seed Collection
Ginger Juice
Mail-Order Duck Breasts
Omega! It's in Chocolate now!
Packable Green Tea Whisk
Pomegranate Molasses
Purple Tomatillo Seeds
Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil
Seed Cards
The Best Zester We've Ever Seen
Tomato Pow(d)er

Angel Biscuits
Asparagus Strata
Baby Cheesecakes
Banana Cream Pie
Black Bean Dip
Butterscotch Pudding
Carrot Cake
Cheese Enchiladas
Chicken Divan
Chicken Normandy
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Coeur a la Creme
Cream Puffs
Eggplant Parmesan
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Key Lime Pie
Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
Macaroni & Cheese
Mom's Meat Loaf
Mushroom-Smothered Baked Fish
Pork & Beans
Rich Chocolate Cake
Salmon Mousse
Scalloped Potatoes
Split Pea Soup
Tailgate Chili
Thai Green Chicken Curry
Virginia Chicken Pudding

My health food store sells something called Bilberry extract with anthrocyanins. What are these anthrocyanins, and what foods do they come in?

My nine-year-old came home from school with a bad case of head lice. I'm reluctant to use harsh chemicals. Are there any natural treatments?


I've heard that Arnica is good for bruises. Does it work?

S.S., via www.WholeHealthMD.com

Are all these "new" heirloom fruits and vegetables any better for you than regular fruits and vegetables?

Do I need more protein if I'm weight training?

It seems like I’ve tried every diet but I always quit or regain more weight than I lost. What am I doing wrong?

Are magnets effective for relief of back pain?

This is the question. Is this a question?

I love to garden. Can I plant my own herbs for healing purposes?

My husband and I have been using Equal instead of regular sugar on cereals, in drinks, and even in recipes. We're recently hearing comments like "aspartame causes Alzheimer's" and "you're ingesting formaldehyde if you use those sugar substitutes." Is any of this true?

I'd like to try the herbal cellulite remedy, Cellasene. What do you think of it?

N.N. Phoenix, AZ

I've been plagued with ringing in the ears for many months now. Do you have any suggestions?

E.H., Scottsdale, AZ

How can I get rid of the dust mites that are aggravating my allergies? B.C., Seattle, WA

J.D., Clearwater, FL

I'm a little nervous about taking Chinese herbs because I've heard that they can damage the liver or kidneys. Is this true?

R.L., via WholeHealthMD.com

My bottle of St. John's wort warns it may cause bad sunburns, but I've never had a problem with that. I'm planning a Colorado ski vacation this winter. Should I be worried?

A.B., via WholeHealthMD.com

My calcium supplements list two numbers on the label, one for total weight and the other for elemental calcium. Which number should I use?

R.G., via WholeHealthMD.com

Is yoga effective against migraines?

S.G., Boston

Is acupuncture effective for treating PMS?

R.D., Simi Valley, CA

I've recently heard that salivary hormone tests may be useful for determining whether I need to take supplemental hormones. What do you think about these tests?

R.L., Seattle

I suffer from the cramps, bloating, and digestive upset of irritable bowel syndrome. The thing that seems to help most is sucking on Altoids. Am I on to a new alternative therapy?

T.B., Toledo

I have been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome for three years, and nothing seems to relieve it. A friend mentioned a product called Calm Colon. Does it work?

Anonymous, via WholeHealthMD.com

Healing foods play an important role in traditional Chinese medicine. Do they help fibromyalgia?

A.G., via WholeHealthMD.com

Does worrying make my gum disease worse?

C.P., West Sand Lake, NY

Do I need to supplement my newborn's diet with vitamin D?

J.D., Philadelphia

Are there any new therapies for postherpetic neuralgia? I had shingles 1-1/2 years ago and still have constant significant pain.

Do emotions play a key role in hypertension?

K.F., Davenport, IA

Are decaf coffees and teas safe?

L.M., Bronxville, NY

Are Chinese herbs effective against heartburn? I'm interested in this ancient tradition.

W.E., Alberta, Canada

Can eating locally produced honey relieve hay fever symptoms? My friend from Germany swears by this method.

J.B., Tacoma

I take calcium for bone strength but am confused about which type to buy. Is there a difference between calcium citrate and carbonate?

S.E., Irvine, CA

I once had bladder infections three or four times a year. For the last eighteen months, however, I've been using grapefruit seed extract every day. I haven't had an infection since. Is this just good luck?

AB via WholeHealthMD.com

Should I stick with "standardized extracts" when buying herbs?

I'm a serious athlete and have always downed carbs after an intense workout. Now I'm hearing I should load up on protein, too. What gives?

I've been unable to find a product called Vertigoheel, which I've heard stops dizziness and other symptoms of vertigo. Can you help?

Is <<>> effective against headaches?

A number of medical "experts" have told me there's nothing they can do for my ex-wife's progressive <<>>. I read recently of a treatment involving an I.V. drip of hydrogen peroxide over three or four doctor visits. Will this help?

Is timed-release vitamin C worth the extra cost?

I was recently in Italy performing with my music group and came down with a bad case of stage fright. My hosts suggested some kava from the local farmacia, but I was reluctant. Should I have given it a try?

T.C., Norwalk, CT

My doctor recommended an oral chelation formula containing L-glutathione, carnitine, methionine, EDTA, garlic, and hawthorn to reverse heart disease, improve circulation, and boost sexual potency. Is this the breakthrough my spouse and I have been looking for?

A.B., via www.WholeHealthMD.com

What do you think about Cycladol? I've heard that it can dramatically lower cholesterol.

I had always heard that vitamin E is good for the heart. However, I recently read that a major study showed that vitamin E does not help prevent heart attacks. What do you make of this?

I'm 50 years old and want a pick-me-up for extra energy. An herbalist recommended Panax ginseng, but the herb shop is full of different kinds of ginseng. Which is best?

Anonymous, via WholeHealthMD.com

I heard that sinus problems are due to a fungus. Is this true? Should I be trying a different therapy?

My doctor recommended I take Vitamin E in the softgel form. I can't handle oils because they nauseate me, so I take "dry E," natural d-alpha tocopheryl succinate, in a hard capsule. He says the dry form is not effective. Is he right?

Like many people who take Prozac, I find that it interferes with my sex drive. Are there any natural supplements that might help my problem?

Is melatonin a good choice for insomnia?

I suffer from monthly bloating and mood swings. Is the herb Vitex a good choice for PMS?

J.D., Brooklyn, N.Y.

My friend told me that certain herbs can make me infertile. Is there anything to this?

POP QUIZ: What does the word sudare mean? a) Italian method of slow-cooking vegetables, b) bamboo mat for rolling sushi, c) West African word for goat's milk, d) deep cast-iron cooking pot from Spain?

POP QUIZ: What is huitlacoche? a) a Mexican bean stew, b) a tea-like beverage, c) a delectable corn fungus, d) an 8-leaved French flower, used in dessert making

What is the recommended daily intake of sugar for a basically healthy person? This is the one thing that does not have a USRDA on food labels.

My recent physical exam revealed that I have a "high" LDL cholesterol level of 160. What foods might I be eating that cause a higher LDL? Any foods that I should be eating more of to help lower it?

POP QUIZ: What is lefse? a) Norwegian flat bread, b) Israeli cultured milk drink, c) seaweed, d) Austrian honey cookie?

I have read about the "life-enhancing" benefits of soy protein, but I have also read that isoflavones may increase cancer risk. My children and I consume a breakfast drink that contains isolated soy protein. Is this the same ingredient as isoflavones?

I have a wonderful chocolate mousse recipe that I haven't made for several years because the egg whites are uncooked and I'm worried about salmonella. Is there some way around this problem?

Can you destroy the beta-carotene in carrots by cooking? It doesn't seem logical to me that a carotenoid could be destroyed by heat. After all, the carrots stay orange when cooked!

My husband is mildly allergic to wheat/gluten products, which means pasta is no longer on the dinner menu. Are there any gluten-free pastas that are worth knowing about?

POP QUIZ: What is a mezzaluna? a) an Italian layer cake, b) a chopping tool, c) a salad green, d) a Sicilian after dinner drink.

I am a 25-year-old athletic female and I am currently being treated for chronic bursitis and tendonitis in both knees. What foods can help decrease inflammation in my knees?

Are some soy sauces healthier than others?

What is hydrolyzed vegetable protein?

What is surimi?

For your recipe makeover of Lemon Curd, could I substitute agar flakes for the gelatin? I am a vegetarian and do not wish to use gelatin.

Are convenience-bottled tea drinks as healthy as fresh brewed green tea?

TRUE OR FALSE? Chocolate will make you break out.

If I put milk in my tea, does that affect tea's health benefits?

A recipe in one of my mother's cookbooks called for Chinese gooseberry. I can't find it anywhere, although there is no Chinatown anywhere near where I live.

I know that eggshells are porous and that eventually air gets inside the shell, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

POP QUIZ: What is a bombilla? a) Mexican molded ice cream dessert, b) tropical fruit, c) straw for drinking tea, d) Cuban rotisserie?

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