Meet our Team

Healing Kitchen Staff

Kate Slate, Producer
Kate has been a cookbook editor and food writer forever. LOVES: cilantro, passion fruit, beefsteak tomatoes. HATES: saffron, tripe, marshmallows

Sandra Rose Gluck, Food Editor
Sandy, a trained restaurant chef, writes Whole Cooking and Cool Stuff articles and develops recipes for both the Healing Kitchen and the WholeHealthMd Advisor newsletter. LOVES: broccoli rabe, fava beans, okra. HATES: surimi, buttercream, snails

Maureen Mulhern-White, Senior Nutrition Editor
Maureen, in addition to being a poet, has written consumer-oriented articles on nutrition for the past 15 years. She writes the Healing Kitchen's Nutrition Frontier articles. LOVES: chick-peas, broccoli rabe, coffee. HATES: okra, parsley, kiwi fruit

Patricia Kaupas, Nutrition Writer/Researcher
Trish has a degree in Human Nutrition from Columbia University and is a tenacious researcher. She is responsible for keeping us nutritionally sound. LOVES: cannolis, sweet potatoes, raspberry yogurt. HATES: liverwurst, bell peppers, pears

James W. Brown, Associate Editor
Jim has been in food publishing for years and is our resident menu meister. LOVES: chocolate, pasta, chili peppers. HATES: raw oysters, okra, TV dinners

Grace Young, Director, HK Advisory Board
Grace is head of the Healing Kitchen's Advisory Board, but she is also an active member of the Healing Kitchen team. Author of her own book The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen, Grace is our point person with cookbook authors and publishers. LOVES: braised abalone, fresh-picked corn, rice congee. HATES: mustard greens, margarine, diet soda