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WholeHealthMD.com was founded to provide consumers with professional, up-to-date guidance on the many options and benefits of integrating Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) with conventional health care treatments.

Healthways, who provides a proactive, custom health and care plan for individuals at each phase of life, presents this award-winning website, full of information and resources to support you in meeting your health care needs.

WholeHealthMD is a result of the collaboration of medical writing specialists, conventionally-trained physicians and integrative CAM specialists who practice in integrative medicine centers. The integrative medicine clinicians have practiced in centers operated from 1996-2000 by American WholeHealth. More recently we have had support from integrative clinicians from the Complementary Medicine Program at the University of Maryland. These doctors worked with chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbal medicine advisors, nutritionists, and massage therapists to provide integrative health care solutions using a patient-centered approach to wellness. Following this collaborative approach, WholeHealthMD continues to develop and update the extensive CAM information and resources available on the site

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