Why Eat It

Why Eat It

You would never guess that pepinos, with their melonlike flavor, belong to the nightshade family, that also include eggplants, peppers and tomatoes. The heart-shaped golden fruit is marked with purple stripes or patches. Pepinos, which range from plum-sized to cantaloupe-sized, have fragrant yellow flesh surrounding a central pocket of seeds, like a melon. Pepinos are grown in California and they are also imported from New Zealand. The growing seasons in these two places put pepinos on the American market from late summer through early winter, then again in the spring.

Choose aromatic fruits (the size does not affect the flavor) that give to gentle finger pressure. Avoid those with greenish undertones. Ripen the fruit at room temperature for a few days, if necessary, until it is fully golden-yellow. Serve pepino like melon, with a squeeze of lemon or lime, or use it in fruit salads.

Date Published: 04/20/2005
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