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Blood Orange Olive Oil
We were first attracted to this oil because of its packaging. The dark bottle with its long neck and colorful label stamped with a round, Cheerio-like "O" caught our eye. So when we tried this product we started out with great expectations. Take a blood orange, an organic California grown one at that, stone-crush it along with handpicked California olives and you've got blood orange olive oil.

Blood oranges on their own are pretty interesting. They are tart-sweet, and range in color from orange tinged with red to a deep crimson color. The darker-colored examples even seem to have a faint hint of raspberry. Add the flavors of this intriguing fruit to olive oil and you've got something quite different. Because this oil is not an infusion, and because the whole fruit is crushed along with the olives, it lends its sweet, tart flavor to the oil without overpowering it to much. (Starting out with a full-flavored extra-virgin oil certainly doesn't hurt).

Finally we put it to the test. We poured the oil into a shallow white bowl to see its color, golden. We sniffed it. Aromatic: fruity, with the scent of both olives and blood oranges. Next we dipped a neutral bread into it and tasted. The fruit really does come through. Now there was no stopping us. A salad dressing with a touch of red wine vinegar (we were tempted to try it with balsamic but felt this would be stacking the deck), no mustard, no shallots, nothing else. We tossed it with a buttery Bibb lettuce. It was lovely; light yet full-bodied. We mixed it with a little coarse salt drizzled it over grilled chicken and it made the dish sparkle. We think it would work well with most dishes--try some and decide for yourself.

Author: Sandra Rose Gluck
Date Published: 03/27/2000
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