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Happy Mother's Day
A wealth of research shows that soyfoods appear to offer benefits to women in a variety of ways. Soybeans contain substances called isoflavones, which possess weak estrogen-like activity that may help to prevent estrogen-dependent breast cancer. In addition, there is some evidence that soy foods can ease the severity of night sweats and hot flashes. Interestingly Asian women are typically one-third as likely as American women to suffer from menopausal symptoms, which some researchers feel may be due to their higher soy consumption. They are also less likely than American and European women to develop coronary heart disease which may be due to soy protein, another widely studied component of soybeans that has been proven to help lower LDL (the bad) cholesterol levels. Furthermore, soy protein, along with isoflavones may also play a role in protecting bone health and helping to prevent osteoporosis.
Date Published: 04/30/2003
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