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Jicama is a white-~eshed tuber with a thin brown skin and crisp ~esh somewhat similar to that of an apple. The typical size found in the market is about the size of a grapefruit, but it can weigh up to 5 pounds or more. The vegetable is a good source of vitamin C, and also contains some potassium, iron, and calcium. You can use it in dishes where you want some crunch.

Here are two recipes that call for jicama: Crimson Chicken Salad with Peanuts, and Salmon on a Bed of Greens with Mango Salsa. We have included three recipes that use water chestnuts; however, the crunchy texture of jicama is very similar and is delicious in these dishes in place of the water chestnuts: Thai-Style Vegetable Stew, Szechuan Vegetable Stir-Fry with Jasmine Rice, and Asian Kiwi Chicken Salad.

Date Published: 03/05/2003
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