Healing Kitchen

Keep Your Brain Alive
Paperback: 148 pages

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company

Release Date: April 1, 1999

List Price: $8.95

Think, two, three, four. Stretch that memory! Feel the burn! Although it's not quite that easy, in this new lighthearted book, Dr. Lawrence Katz, a professor of neurobiology at Duke, and Manning Rubin, a New York creative director, present a clear, cleverly illustrated program of exercises that can change your daily routines into mind-strengthening aerobics. Strike that—neurobics.

Detecting early memory loss and increasing mental fitness are becoming increasingly important. Neuroscience is making valuable advancements; molecular biology and brain imaging, for instance, have led to basic discoveries about the make-up and potential of the brain. These findings indicate that by going beyond vision and employing the four under-appreciated senses (touch, smell, hearing, and spatial memory) a person can encourage the brain to create different patterns of neuron connections. A neurobic activity is one that creates these new brain synapses.

The 83 exercises suggested here are supplemented with charts, tables, and descriptions of brain anatomy and functions.

Author: Lawrence Katz, Ph.D. and Manning Rubin
Date Published: 04/24/2001
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