Healing Kitchen

Memory: Remembering and Forgetting in Everyday Life
Hardcover: 293 pages

Publisher: Master Media Ltd.

Release Date: December 1996

Price: $17.95

Is the person who constantly misplaces the car keys and forgets people's names memory impaired or simply absent minded? Dr. Barry Gordon, the head of cognitive neurology at Johns Hopkins and a specialist in memory and language disorders, answers this question in an ultimately reassuring way in this clear, engagingly written book.

Although most of us do forget things—especially as the years pass—he shows how only a tiny percentage of the population will ever develop real memory-related brain disorders. By using accessible everyday stories and well-chosen illustrations and photographs, Dr. Gordon details for the layman exactly how the memory functions, and what effects aging, gender, and a positive attitude can have on the process.

His numerous case studies illustrate the different causes of forgetfulness, from simple stress and drug side effects to depression, Alzheimer's, and more serious brain diseases. In addition, he offers practical suggestions throughout the book for evaluating your own retentive abilities and improving your memory as well as simple ways to spot potential memory problems in those around you.

Author: Barry Gordon, M.D.
Date Published: 05/14/2001
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