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Mexican Menus
Mexican cuisine is one of the four great cuisines of the world; the other three are Chinese, Italian, and French. Many of the basic ingredients of contemporary world cookery originated in Mexico (or Central America): tomatoes, coffee, corn, chocolate, amaranth, avocados, chili peppers, and vanilla being the main ones.

Here are two celebratory menus created to showcase the wonderful array of ingredients with Mexican origins. These are not the usual recipes of gooey guacamole, incendiary chili, flaming fajitas, and flubbery flan.

The first menu features hearty fare for an informal fiesta. The main course is a variation on the classic mole poblano, preceded by an appetizer of shrimp (from the Gulf of Mexico) marinated in lime juice before being broiled and served with a fruit relish. Mango mousse is the perfect light dessert as Mexico is the world's largest grower of mangoes.

     Lime Broiled Shrimp with Tropical Fruit Relish  Mexican-Style Chicken & Vegetables  Honey-Mango Mousse
The second menu is designed for a very special occasion, which features red snapper--supposedly Monteczuma's favorite fish--as the centerpiece. Serve it with your favorite beans and/or rice. A salad of avocado and tangerines in a perfect first course. Mexico is a major grower of strawberries, so what better way to celebrate their delicious abundance than by rolling them up in a wonderful chocolate cake?

     Tangerine & Avocado Salad  Cornmeal-Baked Snapper with Papaya & Corn Salsa  Strawberry Long Cake
Date Published: 03/19/2003
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