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David Zeiger, D.O.
Special interests
Dr. Zeiger's particular specialties include functional nutritional medicine, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, ligament reconstruction therapy, neural therapy and osteopathic medicine. He's particularly interested in the treatment of complex chronic medical problems and neuromusculoskeletal pain.

Board certified Family practice
Osteopathic medical degree University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, Des Moines, Iowa
Internship Lakeview Hospital, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Residencies Family practice, St. Luke's Medical Center, Milwaukee and St. Joseph Hospital, Chicago
Academic appointments Adjunct instructor of osteopathic manipulative medicine and family medicine, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Midwestern University; Preceptor at Northwestern Medical School and Rush Medical School in Chicago

Dr. Zeiger's interest in holistic medicine began more than 20 years when he helped write a textbook called Health for the Whole Person. He remembers how "osteopathic medicine seemed the best of all possible worlds for me." For him, becoming an osteopathic physician opened up a path that led to the greatest opportunity for exploring the frontiers of healing. "I learned good medicine, and I also developed the skills to heal a person with my mind, my hands and my heart," he now observes. Dr. Zeiger often quotes the words of a mentor named Fonseca, who sagely noted that "health is more than the absence of disease."

Dr. Zeiger served as a Senior Medical Advisor for WholeHealthMD and was medical director of AWH-Chicago's Michigan Avenue Center; he's integrated a number of therapies into his practice, including acupuncture, homeopathy, functional nutritional medicine, ligament reconstruction therapy, neural therapy and Chinese herbal medicine. He's lectured about alternative treatments for such conditions as asthma, diabetes, and menopause at Chicago area hospitals, including Northwestern and Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's. And he often speaks to both professional medical and community groups and to magazine, radio and television reporters about alternative medicine.

"The challenges of healing lie not just in the judicious use of a certain technique or a particular modality," he says, "but also in following your own intuitive inner sight, which is rooted in nature and constantly developed through your personal experience. This means that everyone around me-patients, staff, students, colleagues, friends and family-have all contributed greatly to my evolution as a physician of integrative medicine."

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